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Construction Information Technology Laboratory


BIM2TWIN is a broad, multidisciplinary consortium with hand-picked partners who together provide an optimal combination of knowledge, expertise and experience in a variety of monitoring technologies, artificial intelligence, computer vision, information schema and graph databases, construction management, equipment automation and occupational safety. The DBT platform will be experimented on 3 demo sites (SP, FR, FI). 


The University of Cambridge is primarily responsible for the data capturing task (led by Dr Yiqing Liu) and about progress monitoring tasks (led by Dr Yasmin Fathy) 


  • Yiqing works on capturing and pre-processing both indoor and outdoor as-built low-level geometry and visual data. This task addresses import, registration and compression of 3D, 2D and alphanumeric data from the various data acquisition technologies in preparation for Interpret and Merge function. Specifically, a TRL6 PointPix system for digitizing infrastructure scenes (IS) will be developed. It takes points obtained from a mobile scanning device, pixels obtained from an RGB camera, and thermal data obtained from a (near) infrared camera as inputs. The PointPix system is expected to (1) integrate raw geometry and imagery datasets to create one combined dataset to be used for purposes of digitizing IS, (2) create nearly real-time auto-registered 3D model for large scale IS and (3) reduce labour cost and time needed to digitise IS. 


  • Yasmin Fathy’s research focuses primarily on works developing solutions for progress monitoring and quality control for the Digital Building Platform (DBT) – a platform for construction management that implements lean principles for reducing operational waste, reducing costs, shortening schedules, among others. Her research aims to automate the detection of the objects from images and spatial data and match the detected objects with standardized ones used in Building Information Modelling (BIM). This typically includes developing methods and solutions for (a) processing the on-site captured data and retrieving site condition information and (b) comparing the as-built to the as-planned data for monitoring progress. 


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