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Prof. Antonis Argyros is visiting Cambridge for a talk on "Observing hands in action"

Professor Antonis Argyros from the Department of Computer Science will be presenting his research in computer vision with the title "Observing hands in action". In this talk, he will provide an overview of the work on computational methods for tracking and understanding the activities of human hands based on unobtrusive computer vision techniques that rely on the processing and analysis of markerless visual data. He will present methods for the detection and tracking of hands and fingers in 2D, with emphasis on occlusions handling and illumination invariance. His focus will be on a computational framework for tracking the 3D position, orientation and full articulation of human hand(s) from markerless visual observations. He will show how this framework is employed to solve problems of varying complexity, ranging from 3D tracking of a single hand to 3D tracking of two hands interacting with several objects. Finally, he will show how his work can support humanoid robot learning by demonstration, intuitive HCI and HRI as well as the development of interactive exhibits in the context of smart environments.

Date: Monday November 9th, 11am.
Location: Engineering Department - Sir Arthur Marshall Meeting Room (2nd floor, Inglis Building)