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Welcome to the Construction Information Technology (CIT) Laboratory at the University of Cambridge. The laboratory is a state-of-the-art facility that is set up for sensing, information retrieval, and knowledge discovery from infrastructure data. The research projects at the laboratory focus on the extraction and analysis of unstructured and semi-structured data, such as images, video, and the geometry of construction projects. The laboratory also engages in education, outreach and engagement activities that relate to its mission. This includes demonstrations for graduate and undergraduate students, hands-on activities for secondary education, student experiments for class projects, and others.

Experiments performed at the laboratory commonly involve the real-time collection of data using intensity, infrared, and positioning sensors placed on the CIT lab's testbeds and the subsequent pre-processing and analysis needed to extract information using pattern recognition tools for object detection, segmentation, abnormal pattern extraction and other purposes that serve the objectives of each research project.

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Latest news

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