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Construction Information Technology Laboratory


Making informed decisions in all stages of the infrastructure life cycle and by all parties involved is a key element of infrastructure management. Even experienced professionals can avoid major mistakes with the right type and amount of information. However, the process of acquiring that information faces two great challenges; the lack of automation in collecting and analyzing the data needed to convert it to useful information, and the lack of formalized systematic processes in representing and visualizing data and information.

Our research focuses on inventing new methods that automate data collection with the help of state-of-the-art sensors and sensor systems and provide flexible ways for analyzing the data into information suitable for construction related applications. Particular emphasis is given on methods that handle visual and spatial data, due to the large amount of information that can be harvested from them despite their unstructured nature.

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Latest news

Funding secured for major digital overhaul of European road network

7 January 2021

Researchers from the Construction Information Technology (CIT) Laboratory will lead on the digitalisation of the European road network as part of a...

Two Postdoctoral Research Assistant/Associate positions open BIM2TWIN

17 December 2020

Two positions are currently being recruited for, under the project " BIM2TWIN: Optimal Construction Management & Production Control ". http://www...