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Infrastructure Computer Vision

Now available: Infrastructure Computer Vision, authored by Dr Ioannis Brilakis, University Of Cambridgeand Dr Carl Haas, University of Waterloo.

Infrastructure Computer Vision delves into the field of computer science working to enable computers to see, identify and process images - providing appropriate output in the same way that human vision does. Many engineers may find the implementation of these advanced information and sensing technologies difficult. Infrastructure Computer Vision addresses this need by providing civil engineers the technical detail of this advanced technology, as well as guidance on how to apply it to their individual projects.


Key Features

Infrastructure Computer Vision:

-  Explains how to best capture raw geometrical and visual data from infrastructure scenes and assess their quality

-  Offers valuable insights on how to convert the raw data into actionable information and knowledge stored in Digital Twins

-  Bridges the gap between the theoretical aspects and real-life applications of computer vision




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Paperback and eBook editions available through Elsevier
Paperback and Kindle editions available through Amazon



Professionals and students in Built Environment disciplines: asset owners, designers, contractors, subcontractors, and asset operators/maintainers


Table of Contents

Introduction Ioannis Brilakis and Carl Haas
Surveying, Geomatics, and 3D Reconstruction Pingbo Tang, Steven Vick, Jiawei Chen and Stephanie German Paal
Scene understanding and model generation Eva Agapaki and Mohammad Nahangi
Use Cases for Owners and Maintainers Varun Kasireddy, Yujie Wei and Burcu Akinci
Use Cases for Architects and Engineers Stephanie German Paal, Steven Vick and Marianna Kopsida
Use Cases for Contractors Hyoungkwan Kim
Use Cases for Subcontractors and Fabricators Mohammad Nahangi and Minkoo Kim
The Future Carl Haas and Ioannis Brilakis


Paperback and eBook editions available through Elsevier

Paperback and Kindle editions available through Amazon

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